3/7/20 1:45 am ET (when does dst start again??)

aka a basic introduction to my life

it's weird having something like a journal bc i really don't ever open up but you know da vibezz

hi there! how are you? i hope you're doing well. i'm doing pretty well myself tbh

i'm currently in eighth grade, i have adhd (that's gonna be a recurring theme throughout this so prepare yourself), i have an unhealthy obsession with the word rad, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's.. really all i can think of skdjk




there are like. so many people i wanna talk about but i'm gonna start off with everyone in my personal...



listen. it is 2:16 am on a saturday. i have absolutely no ideas


so before we get into the talkin shit bits i wanna shout out my friends!!

they prolly won't find this bUT STILL-


caisey is one of the baddest & raddest bitches i have ever known and that is on Periodt as the kids say

also ty for the bag of cheetos

anaya is funny as shit like. she is the reason i look forward to my first period classes

i love cori and destiny to bits even if i lose them in a crowd easily cos both of em are short as god knows what

river and lona are rad as fuck and honestly? i wouldn't be able to make it through odd day first block without river bc he keeps me sane

shaianne is tubular as shit PLUS she gave me some goldfish so that makes her a rad bitch in my book

dayeonna, paige, kayla, jenesis, Gabby, ja'lynn, grace, jaikah, caitlin, olivia, josh, rylen, alex, gabby, gabbie, and daysia are fuckin awesome i said what i said


now that i've given all these bad ladies and gentlemen their proper shoutouts, here's the part you've been waiting for: my...





there's this one girl who's a fuckin hypocrite as of late and she takes my fuckin lunch like that bitch doesn't have a fupa already

there's this one dude who's so fuckin irritating and so god damn fat i swear he would be a human bubble bass. still no pickles headass

there's a dude i know who either will not stop talking about anime or being sad. never have i heard him talk about anything else. like, it's fine if you're a weeb, but keep that shit to yourself. please.


..well, damn. my bitch book was shorter than i thought. depending on whoever reads this ig that's a good thing

anyways.. it is 3:13 in the morning as i finish this entry. i'm gonna try to make this website look good and go the fuck to sleep. peace :)





3/9/20 8:36 am EDT

live from school


welcome back! bet you thought i wasn't coming back. on second thought maybe you didn't but anyways

today, i'm gona be live journalling from my school. i hope things actually happen so i have something to journal about but i very much doubt that's gonna happen

right now i'm in mrs ruffin's class. we're working on a project but i've gotten everything so far done.

me! hi there

me (colourised, 2020)

i'm in 3rd block now. remember the girl from my bitch book? this is the block i have with her, the fake bitch. tell me how the hell you're gonna willingly help me with my project and agree with me, but then a few weeks later, not only when i'm off my meds and feeling like utter shit, act like none of that shit ever happened. tell me how.

she told me 'i know, you're trying to be cool.' bitch, you don't seem cool yourself, what with barely anyone fuckin seemingly knowing who you are, so go on ahead and try that shit again with someone more popular than you, you piano key teeth bitch


an accurate representation of what that fatass looks like

i'm not gonna name names but her name rhymes with made in artisan


ok, now that i'm done with her, it's time to move on to #2 in my bitch book.


good god is this man annoying. this man has the personality of a fucking chalkboard scraping sound, which fits bc he's about as fat as one.

the kid, colourised


ok, it's 10:13 and i'm about to leave for my exploratory block. i feel sufficiently cooled off, so i'll check back later. peace!


i'm in 7th block rn bc we have to drop our stuff off in our 7th block class. there's one kid that really fuckin bothers me. i swear sometimes i think he's going to shoot up the school but anyways-

i'm in my health class rn. i got myself some pork rinds for next class bc i finished my extra credit so i'm happy.


3/10/20 7:22 am EDT

welcome back! sorry i dipped all of a sudden. right now i'm in french class.

me and my friend anaya (on the left)